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Question: Do animals benefit from pre-operative and post-operative energy treatments?

Answer: Yes. Energy work augments the conventional therapy and reduces the patient’s time at the veterinary hospital as well as the need for medication, especially pain-relieving medication. Energy work allows the dog’s body to heal more easily and return to its natural sate of health and wellness after an anesthetic procedure. Energy work helps with pain management and helps the body recover from drug therapy after surgery. Energy work also helps the body in preparing for and recuperating from medical procedures.

Question: What kind of results can I expect to see from a healing session?

Answer: what happens during and after a healing session is the energy makes its way through the dog’s field into his body. The body then uses the energy to heal itself. This process may be rapid or it can take a few days. More often, you will see small, gradual improvements. The dog may produce large sighs, deep breaths or yawns, or fall asleep. When a dog has long standing, serious emotional issues, such as fear and aggression, it is likely to take multiple sessions to change the dog’s underlying emotional issues. 

Question: How long do the results of an energy healing session last?

Answer: In general, how long the results of a treatment will persist depends on the dog. If the session released a traumatic memory or dislodged an energy blockage, the effects could be permanent. Every dog and every situation is different. If you can offer healing on a daily basis, go for it. If that is not possible, then try for a few days in a row, or as often as you can manage it.

Question: What if my dog seems fearful or does not want energy?

Answer: When working with a shy or fearful dog, it is important that he not feel uncomfortable with your presence. You can begin the session at a distance and may have to remain at that distance for the entire session. When you offer the energy, envision it moving in a very soft, gentle way. Aim for alight cloud of energy that floats from your hands and creates a space that the dog can chose to be enveloped in or to avoid. Allow the dog to roam freely and leave if he wants to leave. If it becomes obvious that he does not want energy (e.g., he walks away and does not return or becomes increasingly agitated) respect his wishes.

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