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Healing Touch International ( – The web site for Healing Touch information, certification, workshops, readings and research information.  The site also provides a link to the Colorado Center for Healing Touch which provides the Healing Touch workshops.  These workshops include both didactic and experiential leaning in which participants use specific healing interventions.

International Association of Reiki Professionals ( – The IARP is a professional association of the global Reiki community, founded under the belief that “Together we can do so much more.”  A key mission of the IARP is to partner with the medical and healing professional communities in spreading the joy of Reiki.  Reiki blessing to you all!

Pet Massage Training and Research Institute ( –Pet massage is unique among animal massage forms, distinguished by its gentleness, ease of performance and effectiveness in gentling animals.  The site describes training workshops and correspondence courses offered in dry and wet massage.  The Research Institute conducts research activities on the effects and benefits of massage and water therapy on dogs.

International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork ( – provides a forum for animal massage and bodywork professionals to network and support each other.  IAAMB sponsors an annual conference that brings together professionals in the fields of animal massage and body work.

Penelope Smith ( – THE web site for interspecies communications.  All courses and workshops offered by Penelope and her certified instructors are listed, as is her Dolphins and Whales journeys where you get into the water and are invited by these creatures to receive powerful heart and soul activations.

Healing Touch for Animals ( – Provides information on workshops, readings and certification.  The workshops offered through Healing Touch for AnimalsTM/Komitor Healing Methods, Inc. are at the forefront of energy medicine training for animals offering techniques in bio-field therapies.

SIPN ( – Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network (SIPN) is an informal group of health and healing arts professionals committed to educating and supporting one another. Their goal is to better serve our patients, clients and the community. They offer their services in the Saratoga Springs, NY area, and we meet as a group approximately every six weeks. They consider themselves "integrative practitioners" because we know that the work each of us offers, whether treatments, counseling or classes, is only one piece of the health and healing puzzle. Each of us represents a method--or methods--complementary to all the others within the group.

We are fortunate to have so many outstanding practitioners in and around Saratoga Springs, a city long known for its healing waters and spa treatments. This website gives us the opportunity to inform the community about who we are and how we can help. We hope this site becomes a resource that you will return to again and again.

Pet Travel ( – Pet Travel offers world wide searches for hotels that welcome pets, pet related tips and suggestions to keep you and your pets stress free while on travel, including information about airline regulations, hotel policies, transport/travel container requirements, traveling on publish transportation and pet microchip.

Animal Reiki Source ( – Animal Reiki Source is the leader in animal reiki education, founded by Kathleen Prasad Reiki Master Teacher. You get introduced to a more successful way to connect with animals and help them heal: where animals can choose to come forward and become the leaders in the healing process. Kathleen can train you in the foundations of Level I and II Reiki, help you create a Reiki plan tailored to the animals in your life and practice, and give you the detailed and practical tips you need to be able to offer a successful Reiki treatment to any animal in any situation. George has received Animal Reiki Master training from Kathleen.

Shelter Animal Reiki Association ( – The mission of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) is to raise awareness of the benefits Reiki for Animals can provide for shelter and rescue animals; teach and foster an understanding of energy healing and the best ethical approach to use when working with Reiki and animals and promote the highest standard of professional Shelter Reiki programs around the world. The goal of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association is to create a healing and harmonic energetic space within the shelter environment; promote stress relief and relaxation for the animals, as well as their human caretakers and support healing possibilities on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as well as higher adoption rates. George Belev is a founding member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Healing Touch Program ( – Healing Touch Program (HTP) is an educational program dedicated to offering classes in the energetic therapy modality of Healing Touch (HT) as well as providing support for Healing Touch students, practitioners and instructors. The Healing Touch Program curriculum and teaching materials enhance the students learning experience and insure a consistent, informed and complete education in Healing Touch. George Belev is a founding member of the Healing Touch Professional Association.

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