Wellness and Healing provides consultation services to those of you not able to attend a workshop or those of you who have questions regarding Healing Touch, Reiki, and Healing Touch for Animals, Pet Massage or Infant Massage.  At a cost of $25 for each 30-minute phone or e-mail consult, we are happy to answer your questions and discuss with you your concerns.  We can help give you suggestions for application of energy medicine interventions to your particular situation as well as discuss your results and insights, problem solve and determine future needs.  Consultations, whether by phone or e-mail, are given in a minimum of 30-minute blocks only. Please call us to make arrangements or send us an e-mail to


Girl Scout Patch Program – Pet Massage

Soothe and Smooth Your Dog's Ruff-Ruff Spots with PetMassage Junior Girl Scouts Patch Requirements

PetMassage is a skill you can use to help your dogs stay fit and happy. In 10 years PetMassage providers will be helping dogs in most of the veterinary offices in the US. They will be working in doggie day cares, health spas, and kennels; with veterinarians, animal physical therapists in rehabilitation centers and as private practitioners with their own set of clients. The workshop is held at APF, facilitated by George Belev, PetMassage Instructor.

Topics include:
  • Learn how to keep your dog fit and happy
    • Identify the following parts of a dog's body
    • Identify five (5) types of animal body language
    • Identify why you have to get permission from the dog to give a massage and how you know if he says "yes" or "no"
  • Work on the requirements for the PetMassage Patch Program
  • Learn how to complete the requirements in your own troop meetings.

Reiki Energy Space Clearing

We use Reiki energy to clear space to restore harmony and balance for people seeking transformation themselves and the places where they live, work and play. It is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalizing the energy in buildings, including homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Space Clearing is also extremely helpful, when your life seems to be stuck in some way or for when you want to make a new start. By clearing out the energy of what has happened in a place (either your own energy build-up or that of people who have occupied the space before you), and then consecrating the space to the specific frequencies of what you want to happen in your life, remarkable changes can occur in all aspects of our lives.

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing ceremonies are meant to honor your companion animals as the special beings they are and for what they bring to our lives. These blessing ceremonies include your new born companion animal, his birthday, to support him if terminally ill or ready to transition. Often times when faced with the reality of putting our beloved pets to sleep we find it is hard to be with them. So that your pet is not alone during this time we will assist you by offering to be present for you during this difficult time. We Anoint and bless people and their companion animals with essential oils

Animal Reiki Attunements

Have your dog, cat, or other special animal companion attuned to Reiki Healing Energy. Recognizing these delightful animal companions as important and true healers, Attunements are given to animals that have a healing effect on their humans, themselves and each other. We recognize our Animal Companion’s healing abilities and that often their desire to help their humans is at the expense of their own health. Attunement allows our Animal Companions to continue this loving service but without the possible draining of their own health and energy resources. It also helps them in their own healing process in the same ways that Reiki helps us as humans to heal on the body, mind, and spiritual levels. Senior animals benefit greatly from attunement; the healing properties of Reiki energy working on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our senior companions’. As the energy channels are opened to receive the healing flow of Reiki a new vitality and yet sense of peacefulness seems to begin to reveal itself

Animal Hospice Support

We promote healing through shared understanding. We provide support, compassion, and most of all a sense of connection. You are not alone in your time of grief. We offer our services to anyone anticipating or coping with the loss of a beloved animal companion. We visit by telephone, mail, e-mail, or in person with anyone who asks for help in dealing with the loss or impending loss of an animal. We will support the person through visits before, during, and after the death. We provide ideas and planning for memorial services and designing and conducting these services. We provide ongoing support, direct people toward appropriate reading material, and encourage people to share together their feelings of love and loss surrounding their animal. When we suffer a loss, rarely can we find unconditional support and acceptance for our pain. When an animal dies, people who do not understand the depth of love possible between animals and humans are unable to give much comfort to a grieving person during or after the death of an animal. But we understand!

Pampered Pet Parties

Reiki healing energy enriches both humans and animals making our lives better. We offer Pampered Pooch Parties where pets and their caregivers receive Reiki sessions.

Reiki is a hands-on or remote natural healing modality utilized to promote healing, to feel peaceful, to re-balance, and to achieve stress release for the mind, body, and spirit. When the mind, body, and spirit are balanced and blockages are removed, the physical body may then function effortlessly.

The body is designed to function without us having to tell it what to do: the heart beats, the blood flows, digestion occurs, etc. However, with such things as everyday living, unhealthy foods (including dry dog food), interior and exterior toxins, medications and stress, energetic blockages disrupt the natural flow and imbalances are then reflected in the physical body as health challenges.

The body is a wonderful guide of what is transpiring internally. The ideal situation is to address the issues before they become health challenges; hence, the benefit of Reiki maintenance sessions. We assist in releasing the energetic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Interestingly, often the imbalance or health challenge is reflected in the pet but stems from something that occurred in the caregiver's life.

Energy Work in a Hospital Environment

Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, etc., are methods of stress reduction that also promotes healing. Lay practitioners have used it for more than 90 years, and its popularity is growing. A recent study indicates that in 2002, over one million adults in the US received one or more energy work sessions. Physicians and nurses are beginning to recognize its value and have begun adding it to services provided by hospitals, medical clinics, and hospice programs. They indicate that energy work reduces stress, decreases the need for pain medication, improves sleep and appetite, and accelerates the healing process. They also indicate that energy work reduces many of the unwanted side effects of radiation and drugs, including chemotherapy. Clearly, energy work can be very beneficial in a hospital setting

Energy Work in the Classroom

Stress is a normal part of classroom life. In small quantities, stress is good -- it can motivate you and help you be more productive. However, too much stress, or a strong response to stress, is harmful. It can set you up for general poor health as well as specific physical or psychological illnesses like infection, heart disease, or depression. Persistent and unrelenting stress often leads to anxiety and unhealthy behaviors like overeating and abuse of alcohol or drugs. Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, etc., are methods of stress reduction that also promotes healing. They increase feelings of peacefulness, balance and connected wholeness. When the mind / body relax, the body's innate ability to heal fully activates. Please note: responsible medical is a must! Energy work is a complement to customary treatment. Consult your health care provider with any medical concerns you may have

Senior Wellness Programs for Senior Centers and Nursing Home

Are you interested in finding out energetic ways to care for seniors or yourself using energetic principles? As you age are you having difficulty adjusting to the changes? Are you stressed or just not feeling well? Are you caring for an elderly family member or friend? The Senior Wellness Program has something to offer you! The goal of the

Program is to assist seniors, caregivers, families and health care professionals to improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health through the use of energy modalities. Program benefits include finding ways to:

  • Promote health and healing
  • Reduce or eliminate stress
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Increase mental awareness
  • Manage pain
  • Assist with end of life issues

Credentialing Consulting (NOCA/NCCA)

The National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) is the established authority in certification and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies is the established authority in accreditation of certification programs. We can help you develop your certification program, evaluate your existing certification program, perform on-site assessments in preparation for the formal NOCA/NCAA credentialing process.

NCBTMB Approved Provider

Are you an National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) approved provider? Being an NCBTMB approved provider adds value, credibility and marketability to your training programs and continuing education courses. We can help you develop your training programs and continuing education courses, evaluate your existing programs and courses and perform on-site assessments in preparation for the formal NCBTMB application process.

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