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Pet Massage Workshops

Pet Massage teaches you to support your animal in their body, mind and spirit. This is a skill any pet owner can learn. It does not take the place of proper veterinary care. Pet Massage is complementary animal health care. Benefits of Pet Massage include:

  • Enhances bonding
  • Increases flexibility
  • Develops and maintains muscle tone
  • Helps relieve the effects of stiffness and joint discomfort
  • Helps dogs create and maintain a better quality of life

The workshop teaches and demonstrates benefits, hand positions and sequences for the participant to give their dog a full body therapeutic massage as well as allow you to assess your dogís well being using these hands-on methods.  All participants will have the opportunity to practice giving a pet massage treatment to their dog.

INNER SOUND Tuning Fork Workshop

Tuning forks are an effective tool for managing stress, meditation and relaxation. They are easy to learn to use and their effects are rapid and lasting. A tuning fork is designed to precisely emit one single frequency (a pure sound). Tuning forks are used in the realms of medicine, music, and science for a variety of supplications. Their precision makes them ideal for use in sound therapy, using the capacity of the body to resonate with pure sound. The creators of INNER SOUND, Arden and Jack Wilken, have developed a special series of tuning forks that produce an organized wave of expansion and contraction throughout the body. This occurs at all levels helping to body to relax deeply. This relaxed state helps the body to regenerate and the energy system to balance and align.

Learning Objectives: To learn to use INNER SOUND tuning forks as a sound therapy for equilibrium of self or others, either alone or to complement any therapy.

Content: Basic:  The basic course teaches the use and application of the tuning forks. Each participant will have the opportunity to practice under direct supervision.

  • How to promote overall relaxation
  • How to relax specific areas of the body, the Chakras and the energy system
  • In-course assessment of learning objectives by observations and oral questions.

Content: Advanced:  The advanced course deepens the use for more specific applications.

  • How to focus on specific symptoms and themes on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level with INNER SOUND motifs
  • In-course assessment of learning objectives by observations and oral questions.

All participants will have the opportunity to practice giving and receiving treatments with the forks, both personally and with others, under supervision. If you are a therapist with your own clients, INNER SOUND tuning forks can be used independently or as an enhancement to any therapy.

Infant Massage

Infant MassageAs a parent, loving relative, or caregiver of an infant, you want to see your child flourish.  Touch is as important as food for healthy mental and physical development – a fact clearly supported by both ancient tradition and contemporary research.  Massage is attentive, pleasurable touch that promotes your babyís wellbeing while increasing your ability to respond to his or her needs.  Learning to massage your baby is an enjoyable way to enhance your infantís development, deepen loving communication between you and your child and provide an opportunity for you and your baby to develop relaxation skills that can last a lifetime.

Introduction to Healing Touch

This workshop provides you with ideas, materials, and confidence in talking about Healing Touch. Students of this workshop may use this class to gain confidence in answering questions about HT and presenting 3hour classes. There is so much potential in promoting HT. Health fairs, talks to high school students, seniors, hospice, health care institutions, and support groups for MS, fibromyalgia, etc., nursing students, first aid, sports support and the list goes on and on. So many people could benefit from knowing a little Healing Touch!! Teaching HT Intro workshops also is a great way for you and your business/practice to be more visible in your community! This is a one day (8 hour class).

Introduction to Healing Touch

Reiki 1 for People + Animal Reiki

Reiki, a Japanese word that translates to “universal life energy” is a subtle, profound, noninvasive healing technique as effective for animals as it is for people. You can learn how to bring the many benefits of this ancient form of energy work to your own companions, how your animal can become a participant in the healing process and help you to deepen the bond between you and your companion animal. Class materials include a copy of Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life. Written by Reiki masters Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad, this gives you a complete and comprehensive introduction to Reiki, with step-by-step instructions and photos that show you this ancient healing technique in action. This is a one and one-half day (12 hour class).

Animal Companion Reiki

(Prerequisite – minimum Reiki 1 for People)

This class is intended for current Reiki practitioners that want to learn techniques for working with animals. The class is a combination of lecture, Q & A, and hands on work with dogs, cats and birds. This class is for existing practitioners who want to expand their practice to include animals. There are no attunements involved with this class and it includes a certificate of completion.  (4 hour class).

Healing Touch for Children

Learn to share healing touch with children. Every child can participate in his or her own wellness. The workshop will teach children about their own energy, meditation and how they can facilitate healing with their thoughts and simple movements. As children do naturally, they’ll make playing with energy a fun learning experience. They’ll learn step-by-step instructions and energy tools to increase their awareness of positive energy, practical ways to use it to achieve and maintain joyful well-being. This is a series of one – three hour modules, paced to suit the age level of the children.

Reiki for Children

Learn to share Reiki with children. Using Kytka Hilmar-Jezek book “Reiki For Children: Using Healing Touch and Raw Foods to Tap into the Power of the Universe” you will learn to present the power of Reiki to young adults. In a style which enhances self-esteem throughout, workshop participants will be guided on a journey of self-discovery to their inner power and strength. We discuss the importance of practicing loving kindness and how each one of our actions has an effect on the universe. You also will learn about chakras, auras, positive thinking, meditation, grounding, and spirit guides; This workshop is a guide for the youth of today and an instruction for living a life where honor yourself and others, where you learn about the importance of your thoughts and keeping them positive, where you can learn to be in control of your health and your happiness. This workshop will awaken and reintroduce your children to the inherent goodness they have within. This is a one day (8 hour class).

Pet Massage

Everyone who shares their life with a dog knows the joy and pleasure of touching, petting, scratching and especially massaging their pet. PetMassage™ is a system of canine massage that incorporates many of the techniques used by professional massage therapists, animal trainer and handlers, and animal behaviorists. Learn PetMassage™ to make the petting and massage you already do more effective, more powerful, more of a health enhancing experience for your dog. PetMassage™ provides dog owners a way to participate in their dogs wellness care. Competition dogs, such as agility and fly ball athletes have been getting canine massage for years to keep in tip-top condition. More and more veterinarians are including massage as part of rehabilitation programs. PetMassage™ is not "alternative" therapy. PetMassage™ is "complementary," and integrates readily with all forms of canine healthcare. Benefits of PetMassage™ Dogs include: enhances boding in newly adopted dogs, increases circulation, increases flexibility, develops and maintains muscles tone, helps relieve the effects of stiffness and joint discomfort, helps dogs rehabilitate after surgeries and other traumas and helps dogs and their owners with end of life care. This is a one day (8 hour class).

Pet Massage for Children

PetMassage for KidsThe PetMassage for Kids™ program teaches children the basic hands-on skills of canine massage and principles of dog handling safety. They learn the basic handling, touching, holding, stroking, and other PetMassage techniques with their stuffed dogs. Confidence in their new abilities grows while important psycho-social skills develop naturally, including body language awareness, control, patience, respect, and empathy. PetMassage for Kids™ has exercises for children to become consciously aware of their senses, to observe and respect another's space, to become aware of how their actions can affect others, and, of course, how to optimize the power of gentleness and touch sensitivity. Kids discover that their body language, facial expressions and even their thoughts can have powerful effects on others, especially their sensitive dogs. Learning and practicing PetMassage™ is more that just petting dogs! This is a one day (8 hour class).

Energy Work for Dogs

Energy Work for DogsEnergy therapy does not just touch the skin but contacts a continuous interconnected web work that extends throughout the body. Energy follows intention. Intentions can create electrical and magnetic activity in the nervous system of that practitioner that spread through their body and into the body of the client – human or animal. Complete health corresponds to total interconnection. Energy Work with Dogs restores and balances the vibratory circuitry which allows the body’s defense and repair systems to heal them. In this workshop you will learn hand position and off-the-body energetic protocols to support your pet’s health and well-being.  This is a one day (8 hour class).

Animal Hospice and Transitions: Energetic Procedures for Very Ill Companion Animals

(Prerequisite – basic knowledge of energy work (Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch))

The incidence of cancers, lymphomas, auto-immune disease is increasing in the companion animal population. These illnesses are indicators of problems both in basic care and in environmental quality. With the application of standard and holistic veterinary treatment, attention to basic care, and the use of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch, the lives of companion animals can be extended and made more comfortable. Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch are simple yet profoundly effective procedures for supporting health and physical comfort in humans and animals. The use of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch during this period not only keeps the animal comfortable, but also helps the owner to accept and honor the animal’s leaving. This workshop teaches energetic protocols to permit animal companions to use the work to help make their animal companions more comfortable, and in many cases to extend their lives for many months, to even over a year. We is to hold the space (balance, light, love, peace) for the dying animal as well as those around them (people, other animals). We hold the space up to and including the end; the Animal comes and goes at will. We are not influencing the dying process. You will teach the family some energy techniques and affirmations. You’ll offer energy to the entire family, with hand positions to heal their (family members) pain. You’ll facilitate positive focus on the animal (when the animal was young, the good times).  This is a one day (8 hour class).

Introduction to Tuning Forks (Animals)

Tuning forks are used to balance the animal’s energy system. The balance created by this technique is sufficient as a full body treatment or it allows other energetic techniques to be integrated easily into the overall treatment. Often the tuning forks settle and ground an animal so other techniques will be received at a deeper level. The vibrational frequency of the tuning fork creates deep relaxation, through bone conduction, and stimulates the relaxation response to nerve endings which carries the response throughout the entire body. By helping to provide the correct physiological response to the body, homeostasis is activated and healing can begin. This workshop features the use of two pairs or sets of tubing forks and teaches their application both on and off the animal’s body.  (4 hour class).

Introduction to Tuning Forks (People) - Exploration in Sound Healing

Vibration is the fundamental basis of all phenomenons. Sound healing is a form of vibrational medicine. It works with concepts that believe each part of the body, as well as the whole, has its own natural, healthy, resonant sound and vibrational patterns. These patterns and resonances, when out of harmony (in a state of illness or dis-ease) can be assisted in returning to balance by the appropriate use of sound. (4 hour class).

Introduction to Animal Communication

This workshop looks at our animal friends at many levels. How do they perceive their world and us? How can we reach a deeper and richer level of communication with our animals, increasing our understanding and theirs as well. This workshop touches on body language and calming signals, then moves into the realm of telepathy – it will take your relationship with your animal friends to a new level. (4 hour class).

Introduction to Animal Energy

Through the ages Healers have worked with the human energy field to heal and transform. These ancient peoples understood that they literally held in their hands the power to heal. All living organisms, human and animal, have an energy field which supports life. Disease and sickness occur when there are imbalances or blockages in this energy field. You can literally use your hands to balance and open this energy field, which facilitates healing. Identifying disturbances or congestion in an animal’s energy field or physical body can give you additional information or guidance in assessing their state of wellness. For energy healing practitioners, the scanning process is an ongoing aspect of any session that provides practical information for the healing. Chakras are the energy centers of the body that help to regulate overall health, well being and balance. During the course you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the chakra system and how to assist in balancing it for our animal companions. You will learn the basics of the chakra system- location and function, centering one self to work with the chakras, two ways to evaluate the chakras and system for balancing the chakras. This workshop teaches methods of tuning into, connecting with or scanning an animal’s energy field. Come join us to find out how you can use your hands to support the health and healing of your animal friends.   (4 hour class).

Healing Touch for Animals

Are you an animal health care practitioner, owner or trainer ... or simply someone who has an affinity for animals? Whatever your background or interest, you can acquire a gentle and effective, yet powerful, easy to learn tool for enhancing an animal's well being. The workshops offered through Healing Touch for Animals™/Komitor Healing Methods, Inc. are at the forefront of energy medicine training for animals offering techniques in bio-field therapies. While combining the best of innovative proven philosophies and techniques, Healing Touch for Animals™:Healing Touch for Animals

  • Supports healing, balance and well-being
  • Teaches the energetic understanding of instinct
  • Speeds healing of injuries, illnesses and surgery
  • Improves behavioral problems and stress-related issues
  • Promotes cooperative model for animal healthcare
  • Enhances training and competition

Healing Touch for Animals™ concepts apply to every animal – large or small, pet or exotic, birds, mammal, reptile or aquatic. Best of all, anyone can learn to utilize this modality. Workshops taught by Carol Komitor, Founder of Healing Touch for Animals™

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